Welcome to Perito -
the complete embroidery software solution

Perito Home Sewing Software is the easy to use and power packed embroidery software designed for the home user.
Perito boasts a host of great features combined with on-line demos allowing you to get started right away.
Editing: You can modify your new and existing embroidery designs in a multitude of ways. Manipulate individual stitches, blocks of stitching and outlines to guarantee perfect embroidery results every time.
Automation: With a single mouse click you can automatically convert image colours to embroidery. Use the automatic bordering feature to quickly add a Satin stitch border around any outline. Finished embroidery designs in an instant and with minimum effort!
design storage
Design Storage: Organise and store all your designs in the visual, easy-to-use integrated database. Save all the information you need to know with each embroidery design. The in-built Find tool also means you can search for your stitching files in a variety of ways, ensuring you never lose a design!
Patterns: Over 200 customisable stitch patterns to allow you unlimited design creativity. All you will ever need to create the ultimate in decorative embroidery stitching.
Lettering and monogramming: The integrated lettering feature allows you to choose from a wide range of styles, which can be fully customised to suit your individual design requirements. The lettering can even be distorted to fit any shape you need.
design creation
Creation: Superb results can still be achieved even from poor quality artwork using Perito's powerful stitch creation tools. You have the power to create any embroidery design you can imagine!
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