perito embroidery software

auto conversion - lettering - merge designs - stitch effects
emblems - viewing designs
- storage - editing


download leaflet - pdf
(requires acrobat reader version 4)


Convert clip art to embroidery
with the automatic conversion tool and stitch creation tools.

If you have a reasonable quality artwork you can use the automatic conversion tool. With a single mouse click you can automatically convert blocks of colour to embroidery.

Amazing quality embroideries can be produced even from the poorest of artworks by using our powerful stitch creation tools. Outline editing and point manipulation tools have been included for unlimited editing abilities.


Fully customisable

Automatic lettering is contained within Perito's single module and is fully customised to suit your individual design requirements.

Even after lettering has been added to a design there is still unlimited editing capabilities. You can change the Size, style spacing etc. The outlines of your lettering can be manipulated by moving, deleting and inserting points.

  • Set text height
  • Colour
  • Edit/set Character Spacing
  • Offset Lettering
  • Arc Placement
  • Line Placement
  • Edit Outlines
  • Distortion Tools

Easy and effective -
Whole designs or elements of a design may be merged together by simply copying and pasting.



Many standard shapes are included with perito. This includes circles, squares and stars etc.


Over 200 editable stitch effects

Over 200 customisable stitch patterns to allow you unlimited design creativity. All you need to create the ultimate in decorative embroidery stitching.

All the stitch effects incorporated into Perito may be adjusted to suit specific fabrics. The density, stitch length and underlay settings may be changed.


Bring your embroidery to life - on screen


  • Realistic stitch view
    See your embroidered designs in a realistic stitch view.

  • Textured background - Scan in your fabric and see what your embroidery will look like on the garment.
  • Thread Palette - Set and record your specific thread shades for that design. The full Sulky shade card is included.

  • Run sheets - Give all design details, thread shades and running order and include a picture of the design.

Store Your Designs . Categorise . Find
Organise and store all your designs in the visual, easy-to-use integrated database. Save all the information you need to know with each embroidery design. The in-built Find tool also means you can search for your stitching files in a variety of ways, ensuring you never lose a design!



Professional editing at your fingertips
You can modify your new and existing embroidery designs in a multitude of ways. Manipulate individual stitches, blocks of stitching and outlines to guarantee perfect embroidery results every time.

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