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Why do I need Perito?
Most embroidery machines come with a selection of stock designs and include simple monogramming. However if you want to create your own designs then you will need an additional software package. Perito allows you to scan your artwork or import clip art. This can then be turned into a stitched design and put on your machine via a card or floppy disk. Unlike other software packages Perito has all the features integrated into a single module making it easy to use. In addition to this there are many other handy tools, which will help you navigate your way around the software. These include:
Comprehensive on-line help . Printed Manual .
Video demonstrations

Why do I need Perito?
Even if you already have embroidery software you can still benefit from changing to Perito. We know the importance of having a flexible product which is why we have combined all areas of digitising. There are automatic conversion toos for good quality artworks. Where more creativity is required or when the artwork needs interpreting we have the manual digitising tools. Even the manual digitising is amazingly quick and the conversion tools could not be easier. Integrated lettering allows you to add new lettering to designs with unlimited manipulation. Perito can be linked to all major domestic embroidery machines so it does not tie you to any one manufacturer.
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