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Product Information
Part of the Perito Home Sewing range, Perito Modulo is the amazing new software that allows you to load and save designs from a full range of domestic formats and then manipulate them in a wide variety of ways.
Take control of your embroidery designs!


Here are just some of the fantastic features that
Perito Modulo
has to offer :

Easy to use Quick Text feature - 10 fonts included
Foreign character support
Scale designs to any size and maintain stitch quality
Merge whole designs/parts of designs together
Thread Palette containing all major domestic thread charts
Reposition and rotate designs/stitch blocks
Automatic Mirror Image tools
Full range of hoop makes and sizes
Automatically centre design to chosen hoop

Store & organise designs in the integrated database
Wide selection of design viewing tools
Print design information sheets
Comprehensive integrated help & email support

Perito Modulo Plug-ins
A wide range of extra 'plug-ins' are also available that allow you to customise
Perito Modulo.
You only have to buy what you need and therefore can build a system that's just perfect for you!
There are 7 options in all and they can be bought individually or in groups.




Which machines can I use with Perito Modulo?

Perito Modulo supports all the following formats :
Brother - PES, PEC
Janome - JEF, SEW
Husqvana - HUS
Melco - EXP
Pfaff Professional - KSM
Tajima - DST


If your embroidery machine accepts standard floppy disks, you simply choose the format you want and save direct to the disk. Alternatively, if you have a card reader/writer just save the design to your hard disk in the appropriate format and then save to your embroidery card in the usual way.


click for more info on PES2Card

To make loading and saving designs to cards even easier,
the great added benefit of

Perito Modulo
is that it connects directly to the
PES2Card Reader/Writer.

It really couldn't be easier. Simply put your embroidery card into the PES2Card unit and load your design straight into Perito Modulo. You can then use all the tools this amazing software has to offer to modify your design. Change the size, add text, even merge different designs together
- it's your choice.
Then when your design is ready just save it direct to the appropriate card.




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